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Dallas event

I hate my new life without Conner, but God is still moving.  HE is holding me near and mending my broken soul each day I allow HIM in. 

I have known for quite some time that HE was calling me into ministry.  I have been doing women's ministry for a while, but I felt like HE was calling me into speaking and writing.  If Conner were here, you could ask him how much I struggled with knowing my calling and not seeing it come to fruition (at least like I envisioned it should).  I can only imagine what King David must have felt like, along with Joseph and Abraham and Noah and Moses and on and on! I would feel this burning within me to do what HE had made me to do (Ephesians 2:10), and then stand by and watch others fulfill what I thought I had been called to.  
I am not joking at all!  One time (when Conner was still here) I KNEW that The Lord was leading me to a specific event, only to watch it given to someone else. The Lord even gave me prophetic details for this specific event, and …