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Shallow Faith

Loneliness consumes with a ravenous appetite

The grave is settled and cold

The landscape is barren and dry

All has been burned to ashes

Forgive me Lord for my shallow faith

“I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!”

For You delight in making all things new

I surrender my doubts and fears

I give You my ashes

I trust You for beauty

My eyes are fixed on You

Deliver me Lord

For You are Faithful

Sing a New Song

One of the reason's that I attempt to reveal the depths of my sorrow and struggle is because I believe that there is great danger in our cultural practice of "posting" only the things that we succeed at and want to gloat over.  There are so many, myself included, who's lives are anything but successful and note-worthy.  The danger is real because there are so many who hurt daily, if not minute by minute.  I want to share my struggle because I know without a doubt that HE is working THROUGH the struggle and more importantly, HE has never left me in this valley.  Most importantly, that HE will never leave me which is the most comforting thought I could have through the destruction. 

So...for the real...For the past week or so I have been going downhill.  I have just come off of a significant and life-changing trip to Africa, and the enemy crept in and attacked full force.  I had just walked through what would have been our 11th anniversary without my dear husband.  Sun…