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10 months today

Today is 10 months and grief has snuck in to steal my day.  There is no linear movement in sorrow.  There is no getting better, there is only functioning better, or maybe learning to hide it better.  One description I heard compared loss to an enormous hole in your soul, with jagged, sharp, dangerous edges.  With the passing of time the hole did not change but the jagged edges were smoothed down so it wasn't as sharp.  So my thought is, "Oh great, I get to walk around the rest of my life with a hole in my soul?"
Facebook and Instagram are the devils handiwork in the life of the suffering!  Happy families with happy pictures, all together, all complete.  Post after post of families planning wonderful trips this summer and counting down the days to their Disney vacations.  Beautiful, happy, whole families are planning intentional leisure time and I've got NOTHING, no plans for leisure, only survival!  I don't even know what we are going to do tomorrow, let alone pla…

From head, to heart, to hands

I just had the most amazing two hours that I have had in a long time.  My house was filled with 12 of the most godly women in East Texas.  Each of these women have had an impact on my life.  They have "stepped up to the plate" for me and my kids these past nine months and almost three weeks.  They have fallen on their faces before The Lord, on mine and my children's behalves, they have encouraged, served, and given of themselves.  You know, the kind of women that you surround yourself with so that you can be pushed closer to HIM?!?!  The kind that appear to be superwomen!  The ones who love The Lord with a great intensity, yet find time to excel in what God has uniquely gifted them in?!?!

(my homemade yummies from a dear friend)

They, along with countless others, have taught me what the Body of Christ truly is and what it should function like.  I was humbled to be with them, knowing the fruit of their faith that they have so generously shared with me in my season of grea…