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human weakness equals Divine Strength

I often have days like today when the enormity of my sorrow seems to freeze me.  I am emotionless and motionless.  I have no answers, or opinions, or desires (save having Conner back). 

I lay in a graveyard with newly placed stones to commemorate a life well-lived for the Lord's Glory.  Stones that have been prayed for and prayed over.  Words chosen with care and conviction.  Selections with the purpose of honoring a man's life and testifying of the God he loved and served for 32 years. 

Simultaneously, being the one left without him, I am undone.

I feel as if at any moment, my chest will collapse from the pressure of the pain within.  It is hard to breathe.  It is almost impossible to move.  I sleep because it is a break from the agony and my body is so tired from the trauma.  When I am awake I sit dazed and torpid. 

Last week the kids and I attempted to go on vacation.  I made it through the first part of the trip partly because there were no memories attached to the place…